Kia Seltos vs MG Hector - Comparison

Kia Seltos vs MG Hector - Comparison

Kia Seltos and MG Hector both are one of the most selling SUVs in India these days. Every car buyer has a big question these days- “ Which is better to buy, The Kia Seltos or The MG Hector?” 
You will get a fair answer to this question in this post.

The topics of comparison that we would be discussing in this post are -
  1. Exterior Looks 
  2. Interior Looks  Features  Comfort
  3. Performance on Road
  4. Engine 
  5. Warranty Offers
  6. Safety
  7. Dimensions
  8. On-road prices
  9. The Winner 

Exterior Looks 
(Kia Seltos vs MG Hector)

Kia Seltos comes with fantastic looks and no one can deny this fact. 
It comes with CROWN JEWEL headlamps and ICE CUBE fog lamps. These are first in segment looks and completely new design provided by KIA.


Coming to the SIDE PROFILE of the car, we find out that it has very BOXY looks. This makeup the feel of the presence of  KIA Seltos on the roads. The 17-inches alloy wheels look very proportionate but these 17 inches alloy wheels are not available in lower variants. Also, the Seltos lacks on the ground clearance. It only provides 190mm ground clearance whereas it should have been a minimum 200mm for an SUV.

Now coming to the rear profile, Kia Seltos tries to provide everything that a buyer needs. It has a chrome strip that merges in the tail lamps. It also has a cool black spoiler. It has a SHARK FIN antenna and also the roof rails. At night the tail lamps look very cool and dynamic. But in the day-time, the tail lamps camouflage with the car (only in red color). 
The tailgate of this car is manual even in the top model which I think is not fair after buying such a car. The boot size is just 433 liters which I think is very small compared to MG Hector and according to an SUV. 

MG HECTOR comes with very bold front looks which gives it an aggressive look.
The car has a nice and big front grill. Its sleek day- time running lamps are stunning. Its big head and fog lamps look amazing.

Coming to the side profile, the car looks nice but lacks the bold SUV looks. The car comes with the same 17- inches wheels as the Kia Seltos. According to me, the wheels should have been of 18- inches. The ground clearance is just 192mm which should have been a minimum of more than 200mm. The car has a very big glass area which gives it a premium look that is not available in Kia Seltos.

Now coming to the rear profile, the car has an electric tailgate. The car also has a SHARK FIN antenna and the roof rails.

Interior Looks   Features  Comfort
(Kia Seltos vs MG Hector)

Kia Seltos has nice and decent interiors. The car has a decent foot space in the front. It could have been better, which is not at the moment. Coming to the seats, the seats are also nice not awesome or great. You will get the ventilated seats which are a good feature but the seats are not very wide which makes it not so comfortable. For short people, there would be another problem that their knee would touch with the bottom steering part while shifting the gears. While sitting in Kia Seltos you are not at a good height which lacks the SUV feeling of the car. You feel more like sitting in a normal car. You also get the tyre pressure monitoring system. The rear seat comfort is compromised in this car as it lacks space as well as under-thigh space.
In Kia Seltos, you also get a heads up display and some other minor but useful features. You will get the side view camera display in front of the driver seat which will reduce the blind spots of the side view mirrors. But these types of features are only available in top models. The car has 8 speakers of BOSE which gives it amazing sound quality for listening to music. The car has a touch screen of 10 inches but it does not look like 10 inches because the company has combined the instrument cluster and the touch screen. Also, the things available on the touch screen are clustered which doesn’t make it easy to use. The car also comes with a 360 camera which has a nice resolution. The car also has an inbuilt air purifier which improves the quality of air but it not a mandatory thing in the car.

MG Hector is quite spacious in the front. The seats are very comfortable and wide. The dashboard has a nice design and the plastic build quality is also remarkable. But the feel and finish of the dashboard could have better. Both of the front seats are electrically adjustable but in the hybrid, the co-driver seat is not electrically adjustable because of the battery present underneath. The 10-inch vertical touch screen looks amazing and is unique in the segment. It is easy to use and the AC controls are also available on the screen itself. There is a little lag on the touch screen. The 360 camera is also available but it is a little patchy.
The car comes with a badge Internet Inside which means that you get the feature of voice control. From this, you can control your sunroof or AC and many things associated with the Internet Inside. In this car, you sit at a considerable height which gives you the original feeling of the SUV. The car is also equipped with a Panoramic Sunroof which is just awesome for a car like this. You also get the tyre pressure monitoring system. The car has 4 speakers which give a decent sound quality but Kia Seltos excels in this.
Moving to the rear seats, these are very comfortable because of the awesome under-thigh support and the big legroom. Individual reading lights are also available and some other minor features in the rear are very useful. 


Performance on Road
(Kia Seltos vs MG Hector)

MG Hector is smooth on the roads. On a bumpy road, you feel a little bounciness but it is not a considerable fact. The car focuses more on the Linear Power which makes it best for the city ride as the driver will not have to shift gears again and again. Due to the availability of Hybrid, the car excels in mileage considering that it is 350 kilos heavier than the Kia Seltos. While driving the car, the driver would feel a little body roll but the driver would never be nervous while driving.
The car is not made for enthusiast driving but is made for family and city. This is because of its comfortability and Linear Power. Also, the Hybrid can be a great choice as it is easy on the pocket because of its increased average. 

Kia Seltos gives a nice performance on the road. The rear seats are not very comfortable that’s why they can be a little stiff for the passengers. The driver can feel more power in the car while driving than the MG Hector because it is 350 kilos lighter than the MG Hector. There is no body-roll and the car is made for enthusiast driving but compromises on comfortability.

(Kia Seltos vs MG Hector)

Kia Seltos- Horsepower (Petrol)- HTK -- 85kW @ 6300rpm
                                        (Petrol DCT)- GTX+ -- 103kW @ 6000rpm                                  
                                        (Diesel)- HTK -- 85kW @ 4000rpm
                                        (Diesel)- GTX+ -- 85kW @ 4000rpm

MG Hector- Horsepower (Petrol)- 105kW @ 5000 rpm
                                         (Diesel)- 125kW @ 3750 rpm

Warranty Offers
(Kia Seltos vs MG Hector)
Kia Seltos- 3yr/Unlimited km
MG Hector- 5yr/Unlimited km       Buyback option available after 3yrs with a 60% refund. 
(Kia Seltos vs MG Hector)

Kia Seltos offers the following safety features -- VSM (Vehicle Stability Management), ESC (Electronic Stability Control), Front and Rear Parking Sensors, ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), BAS (Break Force Assist System) and HAC (Hill-start Assist Control), six airbags, ISO-Fix child seat anchor.

MG Hector is equipped with a host of safety features like 6 airbags, ABS with EBD, rear disc brakes, hill assist, 360- degree camera, front parking sensors, and more.
(Kia Seltos vs MG Hector)

Kia Seltos 4,315 mm L x 1,800 mm W x 1,620-1,630 mm H
MG Hector 4,655 mm L x 1,835 mm W x 1,760 mm H

On-road Prices

MG Hector (Diesel)- Rs.13.48 lakh to Rs.17.28 lakh
                   (Petrol)-  Rs.12.48 lakh to Rs.17.18 lakh

Kia Seltos (Diesel)- Rs.9.99 lakh to Rs.16.99 lakh
                  (Petrol)- .Rs.9.69 lakh to Rs.16.99 lakh
The Winner

The MG Hector just wins by an inch because of its comfortability and some other useful features. But both cars can be a great choice. If you are looking for a family car then you must go with the MG Hector because of its comfort, but if you are an enthusiast driver and do not have a family yet then Kia Seltos can be a better option.
The features discussed above are of the top-end models of both cars.
Want to know about maintenance and re-sale value of both the cars, then comment down below.

If you have any questions, please comment them below. Also, you can suggest to me the cars you want a review on in the comment section below.
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  1. Which car has less maintanance?

    1. Approximate Service Cost for Kia Seltos in 6 year Rs. 28,179(Diesel)
      and around Rs. 25000 (petrol).
      For details about service of MG Hector click on the link:

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