Hyundai Venue

Hyundai Venue

On heavy demand, this time Indian Car Review is going to discuss the Hyundai Venue. This is the latest compact SUV of Hyundai. Coming up in this post:
  • Exterior Looks
  • Interior (Features and Comfort)
  • Performance
  • Boot
  • Safety
  • On-road Price range
  • Ratings by Leading Car Critics
  • Conclusion
Exterior Looks
(Hyundai Venue Looks)

Hyundai Venue has very futuristic looks according to me. It looks more compact from outside than it actually is. From the front car looks quite aggressive. It has a nice and decent front grill. At the top, it has the blinkers. Then below it comes the daytime running lamps in the form of a square outline of the headlamps. Then comes the fog lamps. So from the front, the car has got decent looks.
Image result for hyundai venue front profile
Taking up the side profile, the car looks boxy and compact because of very small overhang after the rear wheels. The car has quite a big glass area which makes it more attractive. The side blinkers on the side-view mirror are in the shape of a ‘U’ which is very unique and is very appealing for me.

Image result for hyundai venue side profile
Now coming to the rear profile, the car has got small and decent tail lamps. It has also got a branding of “VENUE” on it. The rear end of the roof has been tried to design like a spoiler but it is not actually a spoiler. Also, it has got the roof rails which make it look more sporty.

Image result for hyundai venue rear profile

Interior (Features and Comfort)
(Hyundai Venue Features and comfort)

All the features which are provided in the Hyundai Venue are given below:
  1. Projector Headlamps
  2. Automatic Headlamps
  3. 8-inch touchscreen
  4. Wireless Mobile Charger
  5. Keyless Entry and Go
  6. Rear Wiper and Washer
  7. Satellite Navigation
  8. Cruise Control
  9. Sunroof
  10. Rear AC vents
  11. Voice Commands
  12. Blue Link Connected Car Technology
  13. Six Airbags
  14. ABS
  15. Reverse Camera
  16. Rear Parking Sensors
  17. Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

Hyundai claims that the Venue is the first connected car of India because of the Blue Link Connected Car Technology. This is the first in the segment feature. This technology provides:
  1. Stolen Vehicle Tracking
  2. Remote Vehicle Immobilisation
  3. Smartphone Key
  4. Engine start via smartphone (AT only)
  5. Maintenance alerts 
  6. Location and Destination Sharing
  7. Summon roadside assistance
  8. Remotely set Destination in Sat Nav
  9. Configurable usage parameters with alerts
  10. Self and manual diagnostic functions 

The car in terms of comfort (back seat) is not the best in competition because it has just an adequate amount of legroom. It has less space than the competition but two six-footers can adjust on behind the other. The seat is wide enough to house the third person (but this would be a little uncomfortable). Also, the car has rear AC vents. The glass area of the car is also just adequate and not the best in the segment. The seats are very comfortable with nice cushioning and recline angle. But on an uneven section of the road, the passengers will feel what is happening under the tyres.

Moving to the front cabin of the car, it has a nice and simple dashboard with an 8-inch touchscreen. The quality of the materials used in the interior is overall very good. The steering is also mounted with cruise and other controls. The front seats provide a good seating position. The seat height adjust is manual. The dashboard design is simple and well laid out. Besides this, you also get an instrument cluster. Plus you also get an air purifier. 1-litre bottles would easily fit in the doors.

Image result for hyundai venueinterior

(Hyundai Venue Performance)

This post will guide you about the performance of 2 variants of Hyundai Venue: 1.4-litre Diesel engine (manual) and the 1-litre Petrol engine (DCT).
In common both these engines are more focused to produce linear power which makes this car very city-friendly. This would decrease the number of gear shifts in the city. But you would not get a sudden burst of power. On highways, you would have to downshift the gear for overtakes. 
The 1.4-litre Diesel engine has power concentrated between 1800 and 3500 rpm. To get the best results from the car you will have to be very gentle with the throttles. This makes it less advisable for enthusiast drivers. The engine is not very noisy.

The 1-litre Petrol engine whereas does not feel like a 1-litre engine because of its nice performance. It delivers consistent power from the very beginning. It is a really quick engine which is sorted in its auto-transmission. 

In my opinion, the 1-litre Petrol engine is more enjoyable to drive. But the Automatic Transmission (Petrol Engine) is not available in the top-end model. For this, you will have to go a model down which lack some features which are available in the top-model. These features are:
  • Rear Wiper and Washer
  • Side and Curtain Airbags
  • Rear Armrest
  • 60:40 Rear Seat Split
Want to know the particular number of horsepower and torque, comment down below.
(Hyundai Venue Boot Space)

The boot space in Hyundai Venue is just 350l which according to me is a little less.

Image result for hyundai venue boot

(Hyundai Venue Safety Features and Rating)

  • 6 Airbags
  • ABS
  • Rear-view Camera
  • Rear Parking Sensors
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • Hill Start Assist
  • Child Seat Mount
  • ANCAP Rating-- 4 Star
On-road Price Range
(Hyundai Venue On-road Price)

The sub-4 meter SUV is priced from Rs 6.55 lakh to Rs 11.15 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi).

Ratings by Leading Car Critics
(Hyundai Venue Rating)

CarDekho--- 4.5/5
CarWale----- 4.5/5
ZigWheels-- 4.2/5
Indian Car Review-- 4/5

(Hyundai Venue)

Hyundai Venue does not look like a compact SUV but a hatchback because it is not a very tall car.
Now the question arises that does this car has the capability to be placed in the competition which going on in this segment (compact SUV). The answer is affirmative because of the variety of features provided in this car and the options of engine available. 
If you want an economy drive go for the Diesel Engine. But if you are an enthusiastic driver Petrol Engine is the best.

The features discussed above are of the top-end model. 
Want to know about maintenance and resale value of the car, then comment down below.

If you have any questions, please comment them below. Also, you can suggest to me the cars you want a review on in the comment section below.
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  1. I am planning to but Venue DCT as it suits my needs and has good features within my budget.
    however i have read few user reviews complaining about engine overheating after 15-20 min drive. any suggestions on this?
    What would be issues about maintainence i should be knowing about?

    Any input would help me make a decision.

    1. Venue DCT has got some problems with the Transmission Temperature. You will have to pull the lever to N if you are in a traffic even for 10-15 minutes otherwise the Transmission Temperature will rise up rapidly causing a beep and overheat signal, leading to a forceful parking of the vehicle safely.
      Indian Car Review suggests you to go for any other transmission option.
      Calculate the service cost for Hyundai cars here--
      Author (Rikhil Taneja)


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